Falling Snow Tutorial

Hugh Stockton has invited me to submit this tutorial on how to simulate falling snow using PS. There are many methods to achieve this effect but I have found the one below by far the easiest way to add realistic falling snow to your winter scenes.

Open your image and create a new layer. add a new layer
Go to edit > fill > and fill entire image with white. Fill with white
Go to Filter >Noise > Add Noise

  • Move slider to 400%
  • Under "distribution" click on Gaussian
  • For b&w images use "monochromatic"
adding noise
Next, to go Filter >Stylize > Diffuse

Select "Darken Only" and Click "OK."
While Holding down the control key, Hit the "F" key a few times to adjust the intensity adjust intensity
Go to your layers palette and choose "screen" mode. Notice that the snow looks too sharp and unrealistic. Snow looks too sharp
Go to filter > blur > motion blur.

Adjusting the "angle" will help simulate directional motion of falling snow. Using the "distance" slider, you can adjust the intensity of the snow.
adding motion blur
You can repeat this process if you like. I often make several layers of different opacities for realism. The final image

Good luck and have fun!