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Your DVD is awesome and has given me inspiration to be creative! I wanted you to know that my school from which I had to retire from placed your DVD in the library to be checked out so faculty, staff, and students could understand why I was unable to return to my job. It has been a BIG  success in that it educated a lot of people about Meniere's. Students "tripped" when they saw it, and the faculty and staff just couldn't believe what I go through. Thank you so much and keep on keeping on!”


“…And most importantly, Danny’s ability to bring emotion to the work. I saw things like struggle, and despair at times, search for beauty despite this beast, and certainly, a reaching out, and trying to define Meniere’s for others and the artist himself. There is so much more that – it is difficult to communicate everything I saw in this. I really could not respond at all for days.

 For those wanting/needing a more technical review, these are stills, not video. You don’t get the actual motion involved with nystagmus. But you will be able to convey very concisely to your others what it FEELS like, emotionally, of living 24/7 with a vestibular disorder.

 Knowing how severe Danny’s symptoms are, I find it amazing that he created this. I am constantly taken back at Danny's ability to use the wonderful talent God has given him despite this monster.”


“First of all, THANK YOU DANNY!!!
 I have tried over the past five years to understand my wife's condition and what happens for her during episodes/attacks. Up until a few minutes  ago I "thought" I had a pretty clear understanding....

 Danny's pictures, narrated by my wife Pardonme saying .... "That's it! that IS what I see, this IS what happens to my world!" has given me a much clearer picture of what my wife goes through and made me realize the "clear understanding  I "thought" I had is way off. Danny, your pictures
 have shown it to be 100 times more than I ever imagined.

 This DVD has given me a deeper and greater respect for the amount of courage it must take to face each new day under the thumb of Meniere's, and the fear it wraps around my wife's world.

 Although this view into her world was shocking to me and made my heart bleed for her, it is also a huge blessing to me as the partner of a Meniere's sufferer. Again, Danny, Thank you!

 To all of you who have tried to explain Meniere's to family, friends, etc. This pictorial DVD has spoken much louder than any words my wife could or
 has ever spoken of this horrible condition.”

"If your intention was to create a photographic journey that spoke a thousand words you have accomplished well. If your intention was to find a way to speak your own experiences of Meniere's, you have also accomplished that.

 As I watched it I thought not so much of me, but of you Danny. I am so sorry you have taken the harsh blows you have from Meniere's. To think that in the midst of all that, you picked up your camera, tuned into your self, and created this is remarkable. Thank you.”