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The DVD costs $8.00 USD which includes shipping and handling.

 It can be made for international playback for the same price and still includes shipping, except it will be in English only.

Please contact me at:   to place an order.

The Meniere's DVD may also be purchased directly at My Note Card Site:

 I am able to accept Pay Pal, personal checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders.  Please all international orders must be processed through Pay Pal.

 Daniel Pancy
 PO Box 803
 Washburn, WI  54891 A non-profit corporation providing support for those with Meniere's  Disease and other Vestibular Disorders.  Meniere’s information and forum group, great site for support and learning more about Meniere’s.  A fantastic source of information about Meniere’s.  Medical research, medical updates, symptoms and treatment options are available.  Wonderful place when looking for the right word and definition.   If you need to develop a photography gallery or a home page to feature your work, this is the website for you to visit.


Help raise and show awareness for Meniere's Disease and other Vestibular Disorders while contributing to Meniere's Resources, Inc. , a non-profit organization, at the same time.


Samples of my photographic work available at my note card site.