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ShutterFreaks Gallery Rules

We're delighted you have chosen to rent gallery space from us and will try to establish and maintain a high standard of service and availability.

Registration as a User implies acceptance of the following terms and conditions:
  1. No posting of material likely to cause offense including specifically "adult" material is allowed. ShutterFreaks has the right to halt any account that exhibits sexual acts or sexual innuendoes. This is strictly prohibited and a quick termination of account will be enforced. If you have any question on a photo which may be borderline, please submit the photo for evaluation.
  2. We prohibit posting of material that is copyrighted, trademarked, or has other proprietary right protection, unless you are the holder of such protection or have the express permission of the owner of such protection, or material that contains personal phone numbers or addresses.
  3. Participants may not use the Gallery disk space to harbor or distribute illegal or pirated software. The offending account will be terminated for life.
  4. All photos on ShutterFreaks Galleries will be protected by copyright laws and will be respected as such.
  5. Linking from other sites or forums can only be done by the owner of the account, or with the permission of the account owner.
  6. This gallery may not be used to post or transmit advertisements or commercial solicitations of any kind. This does not prohibit linking to your gallery photos from commercial sites.
  7. The Gallery Manager has the right to edit, censor, delete or otherwise modify any posted material that is not in accordance with our guidelines.
  8. Please keep us aware of any change to your email address by sending us email at so we can contact you if necessary.
  9. Two weeks before your subscription expires, we will notify you and tell you how you can renew. Please keep us informed of any email address changes so that we'll know where to find you. Fee payment is expected promptly and late payment of fees may result in your access to your gallery being limited or, after an appropriate period of time in which the account is in arrears, to the gallery being deleted.
  10. You have paid for a given amount of disk space. You can see how much space you are using by going to your gallery, logging in, and clicking "Disk Space" in the menu at the upper right. In addition, we monitor the disk space, and we will let you know when you have used most of your space. If you need more space, please visit this page for pricing and ordering information.
  11. Due to bandwidth considerations, we ask that members restrict the file sizes of most of their uploaded photos to under 200KB. For an 800x520-pixel image, this can usually be accomplished by saving for the web at a quality level of 50% to 70%. More information...
  12. Our host makes regular backups of our site, so your gallery is protected. In the case of a catastrophe, however, it is possible that your gallery would be lost. Because of this, and since there is no provision for downloading the photos from the gallery back to your PC anyway, you are responsible for keeping your own backup copies of photographs.
  13. The ShutterFreaks Gallery is not a place to archive photos for backup purposes, since there is no provision for downloading photos from the gallery back to your PC.
  14. Assistance in gallery set up is available on our Gallery Tips page. If further assistance is needed, send your question / assistance request to us.