Using the Action Player in Photoshop Elements

(Photoshop Elements 7 and later)

1. After installing the actions in the proper folder, start Elements, choosing the "Edit" application.

2. Go to the Edit/Full area.

The Edit/Full area

3. Then use the main Elements menu to open the file you want to work on.

If you make changes to your file, save it before you use any actions on it. That way, you'll be able to do Edit/Revert to return the file to its original condition if you need to.

4. If your action uses colors, select your Foreground and Background colors in the Elements Toolbox.

Setting Foreground and Background Colors

5. Go to the Edit/Guided area, and click "Action Player."

The Edit/Guided area

6. Choose the Action set name from the first list, choose the specific action you want to use from the second list, and then click "Play Action."

Using the Action Player

7. If you want to Undo an action, you can use "Undo" repeatedly, or you can choose "Edit/Revert" from the main Elements menu to reload the file from disk. This is why it's always a good idea to save your file before using any actions on it.

  1. Not all Photoshop actions will run correctly in Elements, because full Photoshop has capabilities that Elements lacks. However, if a Photoshop action has been designed with Elements in mind, you can run it successfully.