Installing Actions in Photoshop Elements (version 7 and Later)

If you have actions for Elements 7 or later, you can install them in later versions of Elements, or on a new computer.

These were the instructions that worked as of 5/20/2012. If Adobe has made changes in how Elements works since then, these instructions may no longer be correct. If that is the case, you can try a web search for something like "installing actions in photoshop elements."

Actions Played from Photo Effects

These are the actions you play by double-clicking an icon in Photo Effects.

How to install actions in Photo Effects

Actions Played from the Action Player

These are the actions you play by opening the Action Player and selecting the action from a list.

How to install actions in the Action Player

Style Files

Some action sets come with style files (files ending in "ASL"). These files are used by some mat and frame actions to create textures.

How to install style files