Woodgrain Frames Actions -- Updates

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Current Version: 01.03

How can I tell if I already have the latest version?

If you purchased an earlier version of our Woodgrain Frames Actions and would like the latest version, we would be happy to send it to you at no charge.

Major changes are listed below.

History of Major Changes

Version 01.03 (06/02/2010)

  1. Added Weathered Wood action.
  2. Moved Motion Blur to occur after resizing in hi-rez actions, for better-looking grain.
  3. On Blonde Wood, removed the satin finish, to make tweaking colors more effective.
Version 01.02 (05/14/2010)

  1. Changed method of getting mitered corners, to avoid potential problems when making a frame that is very large relative to the image.
  2. Made HiRez Rough-Hewn Wood look more like the Web version.
Version 01.01 (05/14/2010)

  1. Removed unnecessary steps related to changing opacity.
Version 01.00 (05/13/2010)

  1. Initial Release