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Current Version: 02.00

How can I tell if I already have the latest version?

If you purchased an earlier version of SF Photo Collage and would like the latest version, we would be happy to send it to you at no charge. Be sure to chose the button for the version of Photoshop you are using.

We'll usually send the update within 24 hours. It takes a little longer if vacations are involved :)

Major changes are listed below.

History of Major Changes

Version 02.00 (02/02/2011)

  1. Added Uni-Mat actions, so all images can appear in cutouts in a single mat.

  2. Added style files for the mats.

Version 01.06 (12/24/2008)

  1. Changed the angle of the drop shadow.

Version 01.05 (10/31/2008)

  1. Added action that will texturize the background.

Version 01.04 (01/02/2008)

  1. Changed "Resize Current Layer" to "Resize, move, or manually rotate Current Layer."

    The extra capabilities were always there, but the name and instructions didn't make that clear.
Version 01.03 (12/17/2007)

  1. Clarification of instructions for adding images after the collage has been opened.
Version 01.02 (12/05/2007)

  1. Made the initial background size created by Start Collage (auto) smaller.
Version 01.01 (12/04/2007)

  1. Added an alternate "Start Collage" action that lets you specify the size and resolution of the collage.
  2. Added an alternate "Load Image" action that lets you name the image layer as you add it to the collage. This does not work for versions of Photoshop prior to CS.
Version 01.00 (12/03/2007)

  1. Initial Release.

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