AC's PopOut Actions -- Updates

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Current Version: 01.12

How can I tell if I already have the latest version?

If you purchased an earlier version of my PopOut Actions and would like the latest version, I would be happy to send it to you at no charge.

Major changes are listed below.

History of Major Changes

Version 01.12 (11/08/2009)

  1. Changed StartPopOut and SubtlePopOut so they select the mask before resetting swatches.

Version 01.11 (02/18/2006)

  1. Changed the actions to remove the temporary channels, to facilitate saving as a JPEG.

Version 01.10 (01/16/2006)

  1. Added ability to change the color of the frame or subtle line after finishing the popout. This depends on the history states, so it works only if you haven't closed the file after finishing the popout.

  2. In StartPopOut, added a step to select the mask channel of the Frame Layer, just in case it isn't happening automatically, as it should. Made a similar change to SubtlePopOut.

  3. Added a step to the Subtle Popout action to erase the fine line left when antialiasing is turned off.

  4. Fixed a problem that under some conditions could result in slightly misaligned PopOuts.

  5. Increased support for high-resolution images by allowing the user to specify the width of the subtle popout line.

Version 01.09 (05/21/2005)

  1. Removed unnecessary, unchecked step from Subtle PopOut.
  2. Minor changes to wording of the instructions.
Version 01.08 (04/16/2005)

  1. Added two "Finish" actions, one for websized photos, and one for high-resolution photos, that enable you to choose your own textures, bevels, etc.
Version 01.07 (04/15/2005)

  1. Changed the method of selecting the areas to pop out, making it easier to see the end result.
  2. Added improved support for high-resolution images.
Version 01.06 (02/14/2005)

  1. Changed the "Fix" actions so they reuse the popout channels rather than creating duplicates.
  2. Added drop shadow to the parts that pop out.
  3. Added Subtle PopOut actions, which create an inner accent line that small portions of the subject can "Pop Out" of.
  4. Changes to the customization function to make the textures more predictable and to put the instructions inline.
  5. Minor changes to the instructions.
Version 01.05 (07/22/2004)

  1. Added a Customization action you can run immediately after your popout is finished. It will enable you to control all aspects of the appearance of your frame/matte, including texture, bevel, etc.
  2. Make photo "Fit on Screen" before cropping, and return to actual size after cropping.
  3. Minor changes to copyright notice.
Version 01.04 (03/29/2004)

  1. Removed first (redundant) change to layer styles from the frame actions.
  2. Added a "Set Selection to None" step at the end of each action, for people who use the rectangular marquee and "Image/Crop" (instead of the Crop Tool) to crop their images.
Version 01.03 (03/28/2004)

  1. Added steps to re-create the beveled edge after the crop.
Version 01.02 (03/28/2004)

  1. Changed the timing of when I select the acoutside layer.
Version 01.01 (03/27/2004)

  1. Changed "Set Selection with Invert" to "Set Selection," followed by "Inverse," because Photoshop is inconsistent in it handles the former.
Version 01.00 (03/26/2004)

  1. Original Version

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