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Luminous Frames

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Requirements Works On
Photoshop 6, 7, CS, or later Web-sized and Print-sized Images
PC or Mac

Need help deciding which frame or mat actions you need? Here's a table that will help you.

This Photoshop frame action set contains actions which can create exciting frames for your web-sized or print-sized photographs. You control the color, frame width, and appearance of the frame. Here are some of the frames you can create with this action set:

These actions support all aspect ratios: portrait, landscape, and square.

A Few Samples

Crumpled Satin Frame

Shown here with simple mat
A crumpled satin frame, with simple mat

A Subtle Crumpled Satin Frame

The pattern is a little subtler.
Subtle Crumpled Satin Frame, wider

A Crumpled Gold Frame

Shown here with simple mat
Crumpled Gold Frame

Brushed Frame

Brushed Frame

Golden Bronze Brushed Frame

Golden Bronze brushed frame

Sunshine Frame

Sunshine Frame

A Simple Mat/Border

Simple Mat/Border


You can change the beveling and other features of the frame. Crumpled satin with changed beveling
Bevel changed to smooth Golden Bronze Frame, with smooth bevel
Use any color you want. Crumpled Satin Frame, with simple mat
You can make the frames wider Grayscale
You can make the frames thinner. Thinner Crumpled Satin Frame
Simple mat run twice, with different colors. Simple mat run twice, with different colors.
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