Resizing and Sharpening for the Web

This file contains two actions which sharpen and resize digital photographs for the web.

Using the Actions

I developed this for the sole purpose of processing an original sized digital photo for web use. It sharpens and sizes without haloing but produces extremely sharp images. In order for this to process properly you must take these steps:
  1. Download the action set as an action file or as a ZIP file and save it to your PhotoShop actions directory (if your browser doesn't download the action file properly, use the ZIP file). If you chose the ZIP file, unzip it.

  2. From the PhotoShop Actions window, load the action webprep.atn.

  3. Next goto Edit in the menu bar of Photoshop and choose Color Settings:

  4. Select Custom CMYK color settings:

  5. Change black generation to "Light":

  6. You're ready to use the action. Make sure you don't sharpen the photo before you launch this action: it does this process during the action. You'll use "Web Prep Wide" for those photos that are in landscape orientation and the "Web Prep Tall" for portrait orientation.

    The action will stop to allow you to choose the amount of sharpening you want. I recommend 170%, with a radius of 0.5 and a threshold of 0 as a starting point. However, you may find that different values work better for you.

    800 pixels is the minimum size it produces at the largest point. If you need it smaller you'll have to finish it off manually.