LMC54's Edge Sharpening

This file contains an action that will sharpen areas which you select in your photographs.

Using the Action

This action allows you to just sharpen the edges of your photo without sharpening noise or areas you want to remain smooth. 
  1. The first pause is to set the threshold: this defines the edges you want to sharpen.  Larger the number the more that is selected to be sharpened.
  2. The next pause is to control how much sharpening you want.

You will find this action to be useful for any photograph.

Sample Output

Before LMC54's Edge Sharpening:


After LMC54's Edge Sharpening:

Download LMC54's Edge Sharpening as an action file or as a ZIP file (if your browser doesn't download the action file properly, use the ZIP file).

Save the file to a directory on your hard disk.

Open Photoshop. From the PhotoShop Actions window, click the little arrow in the upper right corner, select "Load Actions," find the action set on your hard disk, and load it.

For more information on loading and using actions, check out How to use Photoshop Actions.