Photoshop Elements Actions

Photoshop Elements Actions

A Change in Management

Effective 5/20/2012, Shutterfreaks is under new management. We will no longer be selling or supporting actions for Photoshop Elements. We have left descriptive and support pages (links below) on the site so that existing owners of the actions can see samples, read the FAQ, etc.

We do still sell and support actions for Photoshop.

If you need to reinstall your Elements actions

If you have the Zip files for your Elements actions for Elements 7 and later and wish to reinstall them on a new computer, in a new version of Elements, etc., you can find the installation instructions in the ReadMe file inside the Zip file.

If you have lost the Zip file but still have the other files, you can find the installation instructions here:

Reinstalling Elements Actions

These were the instructions that worked as of 5/20/2012. If Adobe has made changes in how Elements works since then, these instructions may no longer be correct. If that is the case, you can try a web search for something like "installing actions in photoshop elements."

Links to Descriptive and Support Pages

What version of Photoshop Elements are you using?

Photoshop Elements version 7 or later
Photoshop Elements version 6
Photoshop Elements version 5 or earlier