Photoshop Elements Frame and Mat Actions

Freestyle Mats and Frames

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Requirements Works On
Photoshop Elements Version 7 or later
Actions for other versions of Elements
High-resolution Images for Printing, and websized images

Collages and Oval and Custom-shaped Mats

If you want to create oval or other non-rectangular mats, or if you want to create collages of images, this is the action set for you. It contains actions which can create virtual chiseled mats for your high-resolution or websized photographs, with or without texture.

Once matted, your images can be framed with any framing action. In addition, three varieties of frames are included in this action set: a plain rectangular frame, a freestyle frame, where you control the size and shape, and another that takes the same basic shape as the cutout in your mat.

You have complete control of the mat and frame colors.

A Few Samples

Textured or Plain Oval Mats Textured or Plain Oval Mats
Mats with Multiple Cutouts Mats with Multiple Cutouts
Mats with Unusual Cutouts Mats with Unusual Cutouts
Double Mats Double Mat
Oval Mats and Frames Oval Mats and Frames
Simple Rectangular Frames Simple Rectangular Frames
Skewed Frames Skewed Frames
Collages Collages