Photoshop Elements Actions

Photoshop Elements Actions for Elements version 7 and later

A Change in Management

Effective 5/20/2012, Shutterfreaks is under new management. The new management will not be selling or supporting actions for Photoshop Elements. We have left descriptive and support pages (links below) on the site so that existing owners of the actions can see samples, read the FAQ, etc.

We do still sell and support actions for Photoshop.

We also have ** FREE ** actions for Photoshop Elements, as long as you understand that we cannot provide support for them, other than the documentation that comes with them.

Shutterfreaks Actions Samples
Actions for other versions of Elements        

Frame and Mat Actions

Frames and Mats AC's Web Frames
AC's Big Frames, for printing
AC's Web Mats
AC's Big Mats, for printing
AC's Special Chiseled Mats AC's Web Special Mats
AC's Big Special Mats (for printing)

Luminous Frames Luminous Frames (for Web and Hi-Rez) AP
Rick's Photo Mats Rick's Photo Mats (for Web and Hi-Rez images) AP
Virtual Wood Frames Woodgrain Frames (for Web and Hi-Rez images) AP
EZPrint Mats and Frames AP
Chameleon Mats and Frames (for Web images) AP
Freestyle Mats and Frames SF Freestyle Mats and Frames
AC's U-Size Mats AC's U-Size Mats
AC's PopOuts AC's PopOuts


Watermarks Watermarks
Rule of Thirds Pro Rule of Thirds Pro
BoxIt! BoxIt!

Want to see more samples? Visit our Action Demonstration Gallery.