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Requirements Works On
Photoshop Elements Version 7 or later
Actions for other versions of Elements
Websized Images

This Photoshop Elements mat action set contains actions which can create a variety of virtual mats and backgrounds for your photographs, in colors of your choosing. Here are the mats and backgrounds you can make (some are shown in combination with others, but each can be run individually and combined in any way you want):

These actions support all aspect ratios: portrait, landscape, and square. Best of all, you can combine them to create truly unique frames of your own design. For instance, use a tiny chiseled mat, followed by a wider chiseled mat. If you have frame actions, you can frame your matted image.

A Few Samples

Plain or Textured Chiseled Mats Chiseled Textured Mats
Double Mat, with Shadow (ShadowMat) Double Mat, with Shadow (ShadowMatte)
Textured Double Mat, with Shadow (ShadowMatTextured) Textured Double Mat, with Shadow
Double Chiseled Mat

Run the ChiseledMatTiny, and then run one of the wider chiseled mat effects. If you have AC's Web Frames, you can add a frame afterward.
Double Chiseled Mat
Floating Photo Effect

If you apply a floating effect using a background color the same as the web page, the image will appear to float.
Floating Photo Effect
Inner Accent Inner Accent Medium
Self-Mat with Inner Accent

Each time you run this action, the area outside the inner accent line gets darker. I ran the action 2 times to get this level of darkness.
Self-Mat with Inner Accent (Medium), run 2 times
Different Self-Mat with Inner Accent

This time, I ran both the small and medium versions of the Self-Mat with Inner Accent
Self-Mat with Inner Accent (Medium), run 2 times
Simple Plain Mats

Plain Mat
Simple Textured Mats Textured Mat
Simple Backgrounds Simple Background

If you also have AC's Web Frames

See some combinations you can create if you have both AC's Web Mats and AC's Web Frames.