EZPrint Mats and Frames Actions -- Updates

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Current Version: 02.04

How can I tell if I already have the latest version?

If you purchased an earlier version of my EZPrint Mats and Frames Actions and would like the latest version, I would be happy to send it to you at no charge.

Major changes are listed below.

History of Major Changes

Version 02.04 (05/14/2010)

  1. Delete temporary channel when "Plain Border..." action ends.
Version 02.03 (05/05/2010)

  1. Grouped Tweak and Change actions together, for ease of use.
  2. Changed the last "Canvas Size" in Plain Border action to not use "relative" sizing.
Version 02.02 (04/26/2010)

  1. Moved the Plain Border action into the Mats area, since it works more like a Mat than a Frame.
  2. Plain Border now flattens image before adding border.
  3. Changed Plain Border instructions to make it clearer how to size it.
Version 02.01 (04/21/2010)

  1. Added Plain Border with Accent Line, and associated Tweak action.
Version 02.00 (04/18/2010)

  1. Redesigned the actions so that mat and background colors can be tweaked and changed even after a frame has been added. To allow this, the mat and background actions leave the added layers intact, and frame actions no longer flatten the image before framing.
  2. If you save your matted/framed image with all layers preserved, you can change mat and frame colors at any time in the future.
  3. Mat core color can now be tweaked.
Version 01.03 (12/05/2009)

  1. Changed Mat and Background actions to add a little more space to the bottom.
Version 01.02 (11/07/2009)

  1. Added way to tweak colors after the actions are run.
  2. Actions now remove temporary channels after actions complete.
  3. Mat and Simple Background actions now flatten image before and after adding background.
  4. Changed method of specifying color for Canvas Size steps, to be backward-compatible with older versions of Photoshop. This fixes a situation where the core color always came out the same as the mat color in older versions of Photoshop.
Version 01.01 (10/26/2009)

  1. Added History snapshot "After Last Background."
Version 01.00 (10/18/2009)

  1. Initial Release