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How Shutterfreaks got Started

Robbie Burger

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Marlene Burger

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Hugh Stockton

Hello, I'm a Software Systems Engineer for Motorola. I was active in film photography in the late 60s and 70s. I was frustrated by the lack of control and limited communications with fellow photographers. In early 2000 I entered digital with an Olympus 2100, followed almost immediately with a Nikon D1. After a year I traded for a D1x, and recently added a D100. I hope you enjoy photography as much as I do.

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Ron Donson

Hello. I'm an IT architect for Wachovia bank. I've been an avid photographer since the early 60's thanks to very supportive and fearless parents who shared their 35 mm rangefinders and twin lens reflex cameras with my brother and me. I was an avid B&W fan and devoted follower of Ansel Adams and the Zone System. Unfortunately I got tired of working alone in the dark and my interest waned until digital photography came along. A friend bought a Canon D30 and Nikon D1 and I got hooked. I started modestly with digital point and shoots and have worked my way up to the 1DMarkII which satisfies my desire to shoot sports. Digital blends my love of photography with my interest in technology. I'm having a ton of fun with my photography and hope that you are too!

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John Van Natter

A Utah native, I've spent years enjoying the light and beauty of Utah and the surrounding western states. I've been fascinated by the geography and the diversity of the plant and animal inhabitants of the west.

I've always had an interest in photography and cameras; even at young age sometimes my Mother would let me look at my Grandfather's Kodak Brownie 2A and I would try and puzzle out its mysteries; the camera sits next to my computer where I process my digital photos, a link between two of the most important facets of my life, family and photography.
I spent a couple of years in Belgium and the Netherlands where I saw my first SLR cameras owned by friends, they were out of my price range, but I did purchase a Canon Canonette range finder in Antwerp which served me well for many years.

With a degree in Clinical Laboratory Science, I worked for years at local hospitals and as computers began to make their way in to medicine, I decided it was time to teach myself how to use one. My first computer had 2K of memory and it used cassettes tapes for storage, I would write programs and save them to tape, talk about slow, the programs took over 5 minutes to load. All of this playing with computers eventually resulted in a new career with 3M Health Information Systems where I currently work in the IT department.

The pressures of education, work and family life kept me from pursuing my interest in photography until September 2001, when the world changed, I changed too; I woke up from a long creative slumber. I purchased a Canon G2, with the support of family and friend and the mentoring from the founders of ShutterFreaks (before there was a ShutterFreaks) I started to find my way in the world of digital photography; eventually I even got an SLR, even if it was a DSLR.

I hope you enjoy ShutterFreaks as much as I do, it is one of kind.


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How Shutterfreaks got Started