Correcting Perspective Problems in PhotoShop

Oops, Everything's Leaning, Version 2

This is one of my first shots with the Canon G2. This effect, called "keystoning," happened because I tilted the camera up to catch the tall building. The effect was exaggerated because I was using the lens at its widest setting.
Before Correction

Correcting Perspective using Transform/Perspective

  1. Select the entire photo (Control-A).
  2. Maximize the window the photo is shown in, so you'll have room to work.
  3. From the menu, select Edit/Transform/Perspective.
  4. If necessary, rotate the photo until the objects in the center are straight. You can rotate it by moving your mouse cursor just outside one of the corners of the photo (the cursor will change to a two-headed, curved arrow), then clicking and dragging.
  5. Click the tiny square in the upper-left corner, and drag it to the left until the buildings are about half-way straightened. Click the tiny square in the lower-left corner of the photo, and drag it to the right until the buildings are straight. You may need to re-adjust to get the result you want.

    During correction
    As you can see, the buildings are straighter, but now the sides of the photo aren't straight. Don't worry about that for now.
  6. When you're satisfied, double-click the photo, and the change will be made.
  7. Deselect the image (Control-D)
  8. Select the crop tool from the toolbox, and crop the photo so the slanted edges aren't visible.

The Result

The buildings are straight! Well, with that one building, it's a little hard to tell :)

After correction

Other Methods

  • Using the Crop Tool
  • For even more control, try using Edit/Free Transform. Holding down the shift and control keys as you drag the mouse changes how the tool works.