Photoshop Frame Samples

These are samples of some of the actions you can run. Many of them are available in different widths. For example, the ChiseledMatte comes in Tiny, Medium, and Wide.

And always, you control the colors.

Mattes and BGs

Chiseled Matte Chiseled Matte
Chiseled Matte, Textured Chiseled Matte, Textured
Textured Matte Textured Matte
Plain Matte Plain Matte
Medium Background (BG) Medium Background (BG)
ExtraWideBGAndShadow ExtraWideBGAndShadow
Inner Accent Inner Accent
Self Matte With Inner Accent

Notice that the outer edge of the image is slightly darkened. You can run the action more than once -- each time, it will darken the edge more.
Self Matte with Inner Accent

Double Mattes

ChiseledDblMatteTextured ChiseledDblMatteTextured

A double matte, with shadow and optional texture.
ShadowMatte, textured

Frames and Borders

Simple Bevel Simple Bevel
Tiny Frame Tiny Frame
Thin Frame Thin Frame
Thin Classic Frame Thin Classic Frame
MedClassicFrameWideShadow MedClassicFrameWideShadow
Simple Border Simple Border
Blurred Extension Frame

This frame picks up colors from the image itself, and blurs them. Set the Background color in the color picker for the fine inner line.
Blurred Extension Frame

Floating Actions

For the best floating effect, choose a background color to match the background of the page on which you'll be displaying the image.
Floating Photo Floating Photo
Floating Frame Floating Frame


You can run these actions in any combination you want. In addition, in the Frame/Matte Combos section, we have provided some ready-made combinations for you.

More Web Frame samples, including some combinations

More Big Frame samples, including some combinations