Rule of Thirds Pro Instructions

These actions will help you analyze your images using the Rule of Thirds and the Golden Mean, and will help you crop your image to make it conform to these "rules."

Our Image

As an example, let's crop this photo to conform to the Rule of Thirds.

We start by running the Rule of Thirds action.

The action automatically makes a copy of our image, to protect the original.
Original Image

Using the Rule of Thirds Action

Partway through the Rule of Thirds Action, we see that according to the grid, the tree is "too far to the right," and the action stops to allow us to adjust the grid. We do this by dragging the handles. In this screen shot, two of the handles are circled in red so you can see what they are.

Normally, you'd move them so that key elements fall at the intersection of the grid lines.

In this case, we decided to adjust the grid so the tree falls at an intersection of grid lines, so we drag the left handle to the right, and the bottom handle up. When we're happy, we double-click the grid to complete the transformation.

By the way, don't drag the handles beyond the outer edge of the image :)
Adjusting the Grid

After the Action Finishes

When the action ends, use the Crop Tool to crop your image at the outside of the grid. This screen shot shows us in the process of cropping.
Cropping at the edge of the grid

After Cropping and Removing the Grid

After you've finished your crop, you can remove the grid by running the Remove Grid action.
After the Rule of Thirds and removing the grid

Using the Golden Mean Action

The Golden Mean Action works just like the Rule of Thirds action, but the grid proportions are different.

This is what the image looks like, cropped according to the Golden Mean.
After cropping according to the Golden Mean

The Three Images

The Original Image

The original image

Cropped to Conform to the Rule of Thirds

After cropping to conform to the Rule of Thirds

Cropped to Conform to the Golden Mean

After cropping to conform to the Golden Mean