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Current Version: 01.06

How can I tell if I already have the latest version?

If you purchased an earlier version of Freestyle Mats and Frames Actions and would like the latest version, I would be happy to send it to you at no charge.

Major changes are listed below.

History of Major Changes

Version 01.06 (04/01/2009)

  1. Changed the HiRez double-mat actions to allow the user to specify the width of the inner mat.

Version 01.05 (02-07-2009)

  1. Made the core larger on web actions.

Version 01.04 (08-23-2008)

  1. Changed the drop shadow angle of RectangularFrameHiRez to be 135 degrees to make the 3-D effect more realistic.

Version 01.03 (11-30-2007)

  1. Added TransparentBG action. You run this action after you use one of the Freestyle Frame actions, and it creates a true transparent background. If you save your image as a PNG file, this transparency is preserved. This is most useful for images with non-rectangular frames.

  2. In the FreestyleFrame actions, moved the frame to the top layer earlier, so frame colors will show even if there's a B&W adjustment layer.

  3. Now show Select Color Range Dialog during "Select Collage," to allow the user to select the background.

Version 01.02 (06-24-2007)

  1. Added Freestyle Frames, which can be used on *any* image, even if unmatted.

  2. Changed FrameFreestyleMatHiRez to make the background outside the frame white, for printing.

Version 01.01 (06-19-2007)

  1. Added the ability to create collages.

  2. Removed the "select background" steps, to eliminate error messages for images without background layers.

  3. Added Double Mats.

  4. Removed the last "stop" message from most of the actions.

Version 01.00 (06-06-2007)

  1. Initial Release

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