Installing Actions in Photo Effects in Photo Effects in Photoshop Elements 7 or later for Windows Vista or Windows 7

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First, Extract the Files

If you haven't done it already, extract the contents of the ZIP file into an empty folder.

In the following steps, you will be copying these files into other folders.

How to set up the actions

  1. First, if you have Elements open, close it.

  2. Then copy all of the .XML, .PNG, and .ATN files from your temporary folder into this Elements folder on your hard disk (but read the NOTES below first):

    C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\X.0\Photo Creations\photo effects


    1. Be sure that you are looking for "C:\ProgramData," not "C:\Program Files." If you don't see the "ProgramData" folder, click here for instructions for showing hidden folders.

    2. Replace the X with your version number of Elements (7 for Elements 7, for example).

  3. Start Photoshop Elements, going to the "Edit" application.

  4. After the editor completely loads, wait for at least 60 seconds to give Elements time to scan and load the new actions. There's not a lot of indication that this is happening at first, although your mouse cursor may occasionally blink or look like an hourglass.

  5. In the Effects Palette, click the "Filters" icon:

    The Filters icon

    We do this only so that Elements will show the updated list of icons when we next go to Photo Effects.

  6. Now, still in the Effects Palette, click the "Photo Effects" icon:

    The Photo Effects icon

  7. Now, from the list, choose the name of the action set you just installed. After you do, you will see icons representing the different actions in the set.

    The Icons in the Photo Effects Palette

    What to do if the actions/icons don't show up in Photo Effects
    Icons in Photo Effects

  8. Now refer back to the ReadMe file from the ZIP file for help using the actions.

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