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Current Version: 08.08

How can I tell if I already have the latest version?

If you purchased an earlier version of my Flexible Frame Actions and would like the latest version, I would be happy to send it to you at no charge.

Major changes are listed below.

History of Major Changes

Version 08.08 (01/30/2009)

  1. Added new actions for floating backgrounds and floating frames with truly transparent backgrounds.

Version 08.07 (10/19/2005)

  1. Added Blurred Extension Frames

  2. Removed slight extra height from bottom of Medium Classic frames and Beveled Frames.

  3. Removed outer stroke from simple borders.

  4. Added Fine Outer Line Action

Version 08.06 (05/09/2005)

  1. Changed the light angle on the cores of the chiseled mattes to increase the 3-D look.

Version 08.05 (02/01/2005)

  1. On golden and silvery frames actions, moved the flattening step to occur before setting the colors.

  2. Added Self-Matte with Inner Accent (Small and Medium). These actions create a small line inside the photo using the background color, and then darken the part of the photo which is outside the line. Here's an example.

  3. Changed action calls to refer to ACsFlexibleFrames instead of ACsFlexibleFrames.atn, for consistency.

  4. Minor changes to instructions.

Version 08.04 (06/17/2004)

  1. Created Tiny Frame.

  2. Minor changes to Copyright wording.

  3. Changed Medium Bottom Space from 100.5 to 100.8.

  4. Removed unnecessary Show/Hide current layer from Inner Accent actions.

Version 08.03 (03/22/2004)

  1. Created InnerAccentSmall and InnerAccentMedium, which will draw a thin line inside the photo, using the background color.

  2. Created a combo named InnerAccentSmallWithMedWBorder, which runs InnerAccentSmall, and then adds a medium-wide simple border using the foreground color.

  3. To allow Photoshop CS users to keep their images in 16-bit mode, and to allow more flexibility for all users, I removed the steps that change the image to 8-bit mode and RGB modes.

    This means that if your image is in indexed color mode or multi-channel mode, you will need to change it to RGB, Grayscale, Lab, or CMYK mode before running the actions.

    In addition, if you are using Photoshop 6 or 7, and your image is in 16-bit mode, you will need to change it to 8-bit mode before running the actions. 16-bit mode works fine for Photoshop CS.

  4. For consistency and clarity, changed the names of the Framed Chiseled Matte combos to use the words "Thin Frame."

  5. Minor changes to the wording of the instructions in the actions.
Version 08.02 (12/05/2003)

  1. Added simple medium border and simple medium wide border.
  2. Renamed "ExpandWideBevel" to "ExpandWideFrame."
  3. Changed the "SimpleWideBorder" and "SimpleExtraWideBorder" to use frame expansions instead of matte expansions.
  4. Added a double simple border combo.
  5. Made the core of the chisled mattes a slightly lighter color.
  6. Added a chiseled thin matte.
  7. Put a thin stroke at the innermost edge of the core of the chisled mattes.
  8. Simplified channel usage, reusing channels rather than deleting them and creating new channels. This results in fewer steps, speeding up the actions slightly.
  9. Frames and mattes that require a little extra space at the bottom now use new "AddBottomSpace" actions.
  10. Canvas expansions no longer use 100% for width. This works around an oddity in Photoshop that under certain conditions results in large increases in width rather than leaving it unchanged.
Version 08.01 (06/21/2003)

  1. Quick bug-fix for simple thin border, simple wide border, and simple extra wide border to make them work with PS version 6 (oops).
Version 08.00 (06/12/2003)

  1. Added classic, flat-topped frames and combos.
  2. Added extra-wide background with very soft shadows.
  3. Added plain and textured unchisled single mattes.
  4. Renamed the flat matte actions and combos that use them to refer to "BG" (background) instead of "matte."
  5. Added a slightly embossed edge to the photos in the background actions.
  6. Changed Simple Thin Border to use the background color for the inner thin line.
  7. Added wide and extra wide simple borders with a thin inner line.
  8. Removed some redundant steps from the chisled matte actions.
Version 07.07 (03/24/2003)

  1. The biggest change is that I split all of the actions into modules and grouped them into sections:
    • Frame/Matte Combos
    • Mattes Only
    • Double Mattes
    • Frames Only
    • Floating Actions
    This will make it easier for you to frame and matte your photos just the way you like them, and it will make the actions easier for me to maintain. Don't worry, most of your favorite actions will still be there, as Frame/Matte combos. What's new is that you can run all of the matte and frame actions separately if you prefer.
  2. Unframed chisled mattes are now available.
  3. Added textured chisled mattes
  4. Added double chisled mattes
  5. Now you must choose your colors before running the actions. This has eliminated that "stop" to choose colors every time you run an action.
    • Foreground Color
      • Used for frame actions (except for the Golden and Silvery frames)
      • Used for the frame for the combo actions
      • Used for the outer matte of double-matte actions.
    • Background Color
      • Used for the matte for the combo actions.
      • Used for all mattes except the outer matte of the double-matte actions
      • Used for the background for the floating frame and floating photo
Version 07.06 (01/03/2003)

  1. Added thin stroke around frames to separate them from the background.
  2. Before creating frames, the actions now flatten the photo and convert to 8-bit RGB, so you don't have to remember to do it. Be sure to save your photo file before running the frames actions.
  3. Made the stroke inside the beveled frames slightly thinner.
  4. Changes to golden and silvery bevelmatte frames:
    • Changed inner stroke from "Center" to "Inside."
    • These actions now create a snapshot before creating the frame.
  5. On some beveled frames, changed stroke setting from "Inside" to "outside."
  6. Edited framed chisled matte actions so they don't encroach on the photo.
  7. Changed light angle on the frame around the chisled mattes to 135.
Version 07.05 (12/22/2002)

  1. Added Floating Frame
  2. Added Thin Frame
  3. Added Framed Chiseled Mattes
  4. Minor increase in size of matte at the bottom in Thin Frame, Med Matte actions
  5. Changed ShadowMatte to look more 3-D
  6. Added thin stroke inside Textured Matte
  7. Fixed a few of the actions that weren't removing temporary channels upon completion
  8. Changed names of temporary channels to avoid potential conflicts with existing image channels
Version 07.04 (11/24/2002)

  1. Fixed a bug to make the textured actions work properly with PS 6.
  2. Minor wording changes in the instructions.
Version 07.03 (10/18/2002)

  1. Added Floating Photo action. When used with the same background color as the web page you'll be posting the photo on, it creates the illusion of the photo floating over the page.
  2. Changed to fixed-width method of frame creation so frame actions will work with photos of all aspect ratios, including square photos. This allowed me to remove the separate actions for Portrait and Landscape orientation.
  3. Provided method for users to change frame widths, if desired, by displaying the expansion dialogs.
  4. Changed texture of ShadowMatteTextured to look more like a matte.
  5. Added actions to create golden and silvery matted beveled frames.
Version 06.03 (08/23/2002)

  1. Added actions to create thin frames with either thin or wide mattes with user-selectable color.
  2. Fixed a bug in GoldenThinMatte-landscape that sized the frame incorrectly.
  3. Changed the way the actions work so you can select the colors either before or after starting any action.

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